Monday January 21, 2019

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Useful Links

South Carolina Websites
This website focuses on Black History in South Carolina. It offers resources for South Carolina Black Culture, images and stories of important Black South Carolinians (Black Charlestonian’s in the 1920’s) and Black historical places (The Slave Relic Museum).
"A Brief History of South Carolina" Also, offering links to several sites such as, Cowpens, King’s Mountain and Fort Sumter.
This website is hosted by the South Carolina Historical Society. It is well-labeled and easy to use. There are important upcoming events, research services, a visual materials archive and the option to view online collections.
Aside from offering interesting facts about South Carolina (nicknames, origins of the state name) there are several good links to state maps, climate maps and physical feature maps.

Twentieth Century American History Websites
This website offers many great links for teachers plus teacher resources. It also provides an overview of each decade in the twentieth century, covering topics like events, fashion and political people.
Another website geared towards teachers; the topics included are timelines, primary documents, the impact of the twentieth century, 1900 vs 2000