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ตำนานสลาย! V2 Franky & V2 Brook มาแล้ว! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise) เกิดอะไรขึ้นกับ broskiis ของฉัน? ►Official Patreon (สำหรับสินค้า): ►Official Twitter: ►Official YouTube: ►Official Twitch: ►Official Facebook: Shoutout to the Patreon Supporters: Angel Nuno Bruno Acosta Cody Swinimer Divinereigns Dylan Allman gabe martin Heartbreaker Jeremy Karissa Thomas Karl Roy Mira Nakki Peruna Raphael Burgstaller ST1TCH Sir Pentious Snake_Doctor TheLordShiro Unhol1dk Zaki Sakakini #OPTC #TreCru #Toadskii .

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LEGEND BREAKDOWN! V2 Franky & V2 Brook Arrive! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)
LEGEND BREAKDOWN! V2 Franky & V2 Brook Arrive! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise)

นอกจากการหาข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้ LEGEND BREAKDOWN! V2 Franky & V2 Brook Arrive! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise) สามารถรับชมและอ่านเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง


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LEGEND BREAKDOWN! V2 Franky & V2 Brook Arrive! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise).

arrive v2.

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35 thoughts on “LEGEND BREAKDOWN! V2 Franky & V2 Brook Arrive! (ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise) | เนื้อหาarrive v2ล่าสุด

  1. Google kleeps Showing my name says:

    No, I don't think Brook works that well in pvp. Especially not to replace Magellan.
    You don't pick Magellan for the Hase, his average damage or the lv5 HP boost. You pick him because he does an aoe lv6 DEF down to the enemy and Qck has historically used characters that rely on multiplier damage instead of fixed. So in the current meta, where most good teams have 10+ DEF, you can't affort not to run Magellan, or Akainu (for his 30% HP cut and good passiv), Kaido (because he's does everything good) or Shiryu (passive alone on a 20 cost unit). To replace any of these, you'd need a unit that does what they do but better.
    1 Slot's still open and that's usually filled with either FT Luffy for more damage or 6+ Cracker for consistency, since his lv6 CT-speed is amazing and his special decently strong.

    Okiku&Izo looked great, for their enormous dmg, lv5 DEF up and with the lv6 CT-Speed debuff you would have the exact same advantage against Str teams as you would with Cracker. Until the completly butchered it and made the debuff only count for 1 high def Str enemy (so 6+ Jack 90% of the time) turning them into just another option, but not must have. Qck has been a good meta team but basically stayed the same ever since Shiryuu came out, wich is insane. Every other team had major changes because of great unit releases, but not Qck.

  2. MyDrunkenMonkey says:

    It also doesn't make sense that the first few super class characters were that class oriented in pvp and then they stopped and doing colors or the there not super class wtf

  3. Aidan Brock says:

    I'm excited that more debuffs are being countered with captain effects. I love captains that reduce debuffs, makes team building so much easier. I'd love to have new Franky, but I'l probably only do a discount multi (assuming they do those on this sugo) and save for anni. And that 10 turn rainbow shield on Sasaki looks pretty crazy, but could possibly be a double edged sword if you need higher reduction later.

  4. Mr. xD says:

    Right now I’m just imagining that Brook on a Yamato team.
    A +2.1 chain boost, Yamatos x1.5 chain multiplier, her captain ability to further boost it and then landing her final tap…
    This is going to be a LOT of damage!

  5. Joshua Vincent R. Bino says:

    The upcoming content will be difficult I think without this units. Seeing Sasaki with that 10 turns 25% damage reduction(Also V2 Brook). There will be so much death hit content. The same thing with Franky. Are they planning to spam debuffs on the players? That will be very hard for newer players.

  6. Jaideep Desai says:

    Anni is coming up so there's literally no reason for me to summon on any of these upcoming units. Plus my own interest in the game is now completely dependant on the upcoming Grand Voyage game mode. It's probably a goodbye from me if it's even a little bit irritating cause the game is taking way too many steps backwards each and every day.

  7. DrChin Strap says:

    We all know people are going to wait for the anime to get further in the arc to get the real good power-ups that are coming. I mean c'mon Gear 5th Luffy…

  8. Chaos King says:

    I think dual units in pvp should change it to where you can choose between the dual characters like for example Roger Whitebeard you clicked Roger it counts as an int character and if you click Whitebeard your character is psy which will allow you to receive the color buffs

  9. pito93 says:

    I understand many people who aren’t really excited by the units but Franky is my favorite character and it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for a new legend of his. So I gotta try to get him and I hope he ends your dry spell too toadskii. Suuuuper Good luck!

  10. NotKrustyKrab says:

    I like the new units but I am so tired of these pointfarm events. I mean we  don't get new Raids or Garp Challanges, we don't have a superevolution on the kizuna and we don't have a new arena. I feel like they don't care about their own game anymore and try to create a money grindingmachine at the cost of the games soul

  11. Damien Reiter says:

    Just thinking, the INT Capone “gang” Bege and the new Brook might be a powerful combo. The 85% health cut should instantly trigger Brooks 30% health effects. Definitely should try and build a QCK/INT team when these units are available. What do you think?

  12. ChronoSquare says:

    Heads up you guys and gals who read the manga don't spoil things for others who don't read it.

    Yeah we'll end up getting legends and events based on things the anime won't have covered yet due to the unfortunate loss of works at the anime center job site… that isn't an excuse to spoiling current manga events!

  13. Os D. Yonko says:

    OPTC gonna have a pretty big problem since the Anime won't come back for a while and they have Legends based on the Anime for example Roof Piece was supposed to start and they would probably make Legends for Anniversary from some Scenes there